GPC Columns Colloquium



GPC Columns Colloquium, "GPC Columns, the heart of any GPC system"

Sunday, September 21, 2014, Room La Exposición I, The Westin Valencia, 18:00 hrs. 

Moderator: Dr. Colin Li Pi Shan


The demands of polyolefin analysis by High temperature GPC/SEC are high and users expect the best performance from their columns.   


A column’s performance can be categorized by its separation efficiency, molecular weight range, long-term stability, and calibration robustness. Choosing the wrong column type or poorly calibrating a column set can lead will lead to inaccurate results and misinterpretation.   


In this special ICPC colloquium, an expert panel from the leading GPC column manufacturers will respond to the questions submitted by the audience on the typical problems and pitfalls related to HT GPC column technology as well the concerns for their current and future application challenges.   


All colloquium participants are encouraged to submit their column related questions online before Friday, September 19th. Please include any supporting information (chromatograms, instrument conditions, detection type) that may help the experts address your specific concerns. Please send your questions and information directly to  

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