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The International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization (ICPC) was born with the need of an international conference specifically focused on Polyolefin Characterization, as most of the existing Polyolefin conferences deal with catalyst and reaction engineering.
Being organized by Polymer Char, the ICPC Conference covers different aspects on polyolefin molecular architecture characterization, including molar mass distribution, comonomer incorporation and distribution, long chain branching, crystallinity and rheological properties. The Technical Program covers the following areas:

  • Separation and Fractionation
  • Molecular Structure and Properties
  • Morphology and Thermal Analysis
  • Rheology
  • Spectroscopy
  • Recycling: Sustainable Polymers and Processes
  • The 8th ICPC Program will include a Panel Discussion on UHMWPE Samples

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Intended for new and experienced researchers working on polyolefin characterization in industry and academia, ICPC is organized every two years in three different locations: Texas, USA (2006, 2012), Valencia, Spain (2008, 2014), and Shanghai, China (2010, 2016).

The 1st ICPC Conference was held in Houston, TX, the U.S.A. in 2006. 112 attendees from 18 countries attended to this edition. The Technical Program consisted of 31 oral presentations and 29 poster presentations.

The 2nd ICPC Conference was held in Valencia, Spain, in 2008 and more than 120 attendees were received in Valencia from 24 countries throughout the world.  Abstracts submission requests increased significantly and finally 35 oral presentations and 38 poster presentations fit in the technical program of the conference, to keep the same length than in 1st ICPC edition in 2 days and a half to discuss the most innovative techniques and the latest research in the field of the polyolefin characterization in the following areas:

The 3rd ICPC celebrated in Shanghai, China in 2010, represented the ICPC Conference consolidation with the participation of the top scientists of the Polyolefin Analysis industry and leading petrochemical and research institutions worldwide.

The  4th ICPC was held in The Woodlands, TX, U.S.A. The Technical Program was composed of 39 lectures and 30 poster presentations and counted on 155 delegates from 22 countries. 3rd ICPC was supported once more by several top Petrochemical and Instrumentation players, such as ExxonMobil Chemical and Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group as Major Sponsors; or The Dow Chemical Company and Chevron Phillips Chemical as Sponsors, together with many other instrumentation companies.

The  5th ICPC was held in Valencia, Spain, and once again, it turned into a fantastic technical and networking meeting taking advantage of the platform the City of the Arts and Sciences provides. The Conference was made up of 32 oral presentations, 53 posters, 6 vendor presentations, and over 140 attendees came representing the major players in polyolefin characterization from 24 countries. 

As a novelty in this edition was a GPC Columns Colloquium. An expert panel from the leading GPC column manufacturers addressed the questions submitted by the audience on the typical problems and pitfalls related to High-Temperature GPC column technology. 

The  6th ICPC took place in Shanghai, China on November 6-9, 2016. On this occasion, the Technical Program covered the subjects of Separation and Fractionation,Morphology, Spectroscopy, Rheology/Modeling, and Ancillary Techniques. It was comprised of 38 Oral Presentations and 36 Poster Presentations.

A total of 138 delegates from 22 countries attended this edition representing the top leading institutions in the characterization of polyolefins.  

The 7th ICPC was organized in Houston, TX USA on October 21-24, 2018. 150 participants from 16 countries attended this edition. The Technical Program included 35 Oral Presentations and 35 Poster Presentations. The Short Course had a record-breaking attendance of 67 attendees.  

The 8th ICPC took place on May 21-24 in Valencia, Spain, after 5 years since the previous one due to the global health crisis. The anticipation for meeting everyone and learn about their current work, the progress everyone had made since then, was great. This edition is one of the best ICPC editions we've had. The contents and topics of all presentations was of utmost quality and the speakers were all very compelling. This edition is the best rated in the evaluations. We counted with the participation of 105 attendees, 28 oral presentations and 38 poster presentations. The technical program had two big novelties: the first, a session dedicated to Sustainability with 7 oral presentations, and the second, a panel discussion on UHMWPE samples with 9 industry experts presenting their views. 

The next and 9th Edition of ICPC will be hosted in Shanghai, China in 2025. The dates will be announced in the coming months. 

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