7th ICPC: Houston (TX), USA 2018

The 7th ICPC Conference was held in Houston (TX), USA, on October 21-24 2018.

The Technical Program included the topics of Separation, Rheology, Spectroscopy and Additivation, Properties- Structure, and Morphology. The program was composed of 35 Oral Presentations and 35 Poster Presentations.

A total of 150 Delegates from 16 countries attended this edition representing top leading institutions in the characterization of polyolefins. 

The Short Course on Polyolefin Characterization techniques took place a day prior to the Conference, and it had record-breaking participation of 67 attendees. This short course continues to be highly valued and praised for its enriching and unique series of contents. 


More about the 7th ICPC Conference:

· Technical Program

· Short Course

· Poster Presentations

· Sponsors and Vendors

· Conference Brochure

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