6th ICPC: Shanghai, China, 2016


The 6th ICPC Conference was held in Shanghai, China, on November 6-9, 2016.

This was the second time the Conference took place in the Asian Region, taking it closer to those in the area who had not been able to attend previous editions in America and Europe. The location is of significant importance also because Asia-Pacific is the largest market of polyolefins as of now, and its constant growth is expected to continue to drive the industry in the future.  

In this occasion, the Technical Program covered the subjects of  Separation and Fractionation, Morphology, Spectroscopy, Rheology/Modeling, and Ancillary Techniques. It comprised 38 Oral Presentations and 36 Poster Presentations.

A total of 138 Delegates from 22 countries attended this edition representing top leading institutions in the characterization of polyolefins. 

As it is customary now, this edition also counted with a One-day Short Course on Polyolefin Characterization techniques. This short course continues to be highly valued and praised for its enriching and unique series of contents, given by experts with years worth of research and experience. 


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